The reason that Marijuana IS NOT
a gateway drug is because the actual gateway to hard drugs is not the plant Cannabis,
but the reality of it’s prohibition by state and federal law.

By making pot illegal, we force it’s consumers to
acquire their wares in an illicit, underground, black market.

When one is dealing with criminals, it is to be expected that any common sense drug dealer would
know that the ticket to any business’s continued
success is in the strength of it’s provided products and/or services.

As an atypical, selfish, unethical drug dealer,
one can not assume that you would care whether
your customers are of age or not. Also, as a business person, you wouldn’t want to lose a customer due to a product being out of stock.

Naturally, you would offer your patron another
product of similar design at an equivalent price.

Thus, my friend, you have entered through THE GATEWAY.

Cannabis isn’t the problem.

Prohibition IS the problem.

No responsible adult should need suffer punishment, forfeiture, or any other harm for making the informed, and safer, choice
for themselves and their communities.

Support the Legalization Of Cannabis.

Tax and Regulate Cannabis 2010-
Proposition 19 California