Cocaine is a schedule II and III drug, meaning IT has medically
accepted value.

Cannabis/Marijuana is a schedule I drug, meaning it has ‘no currently accepted’ medical value within the United States. Apparently 14 states and counting must be completely ignorant of the ‘facts’ or Cannabis is a drug with currently accepted medical value and the United States federal government is being purposefully misleading and dishonest in regards to Cannabis and it’s medical efficacy.


In fact, The United States federal government controls the sole legal source of ‘research grade’ cannabis
at the University of Mississippi and STILL refuses to sell even 1 GRAM
to independent researchers, despite one of its’ own DEA administrative law judges making a recommendation to the contrary, stating, in no uncertain terms, that it would be in the public’s best interest to allow for the approval of private Cannabis research by independent doctors.

I believe the FDA  *SHOULD*  allow the federal clinical trials needed to legalize Cannabis for medical purposes, however, to date, no federal organization has EVER authorized the use of Cannabis for the express empirical purpose of proving the plant’s medical viability in human beings.

Also, the federal government only funds and/or approves research that actively seeks to validate the ‘accepted’ negative consequences associated with Cannabis use. Such a study is currently being conducted at the Mind Research Institute at the University of New Mexico. The scientists there are attempting to show a causal link between so-called ‘marijuana addiction’ and specific cannabinoid geno-types. Basically the research seeks to prove that ‘users’ with certain genotypes are more likely to become ‘addicted’ to Cannabis.

So it seems that, to no avail, our own government is constantly disrespecting the will of its’ own people, the will of approximately 81 percent of the American people, a will that totally and unequivocally supports the use of Medical Cannabis.

And this same federal government has no problem wasting millions UPON MILLIONS of YOUR tax payer dollars researching any and all information that will ‘support’ the LIE that Cannabis has no ‘currently accepted’ medical value, while simultaneously ignoring citizens’ demands for a rational, and compassionate, approach to Cannabis and its’ users.

That’s Reefer Madness in a nutshell folks.

What are you going to do about it?

Take the time to compose a short message to your local, state, and federally elected legislators, starting with your congressional and senatorial representatives.

Go To: The Marijuana Policy Project

Also, try these other great drug policy reforms organizations on for size:

Americans For Safe Access

and/or , The Drug Policy Alliance

Then go to: Do you Support the Legalization of Marijuana?

Cast YOUR VOTE in support of Marijuana Legalization, post a comment, and JOIN THE DEBATE.

Take your activism to the NEXT LEVEL… and…

BE THE CHANGE you wish to see around you.

Remember Folks: If you Know the Truth, You will Be the Change.. and then..


Reap Hemp. Free Your Mind. Free the World.

-The Activist