Reefer Madness In the Land of Enchantment?

Just when we thought reefer madness couldn’t get any crazier, along comes the federal government with its oh-so-atypical strong-arm tactics; issuing a specific memorandum declaring medical cannabis use in federal housing to be an evict-able offense, due to the fact that federal law still preempts state laws concerning the medical use of Cannabis.

Is it no surprise then that Monarch Properties, based out of Dallas, Texas, would issue a new policy banning the use and/or cultivation of the state approved medicine by current New Mexico tenants, including those living within Albuquerque area? In fact, across the country the federal housing authority has been sending letters of intimidation out to property management companies who provide subsidized housing [I.E. “Section 8”], warning them that federal funding could be forfeited unless policies were enacted immediately to ban the use of Medical Marijuana on federal property. These federal mandates unfairly affect the well being of our most sensitive citizens: seniors and veterans of foreign wars. Such discriminatory policies force the sick and suffering to make the terrible choice between having a place to live or using the doctor recommended medicine that is essential to their wellbeing.

And yet, with 14 states and Washington D.C. having passed compassionate use laws, it is becoming more and more difficult for the government to continue to purport that marijuana currently has no ‘accepted’ medical use within the United States. No person should be forced to choose between housing and medicine. How could any compassionate government enforce such an irrational, and ignorant, housing policy?

Even the Department of Veteran Affairs is FINALLY budging, issuing a new policy specifically directing doctors to allow the medical use of Cannabis by veterans living within one of the 14 states that have approved the legal use of Medical Marijuana. This policy change was the direct result of activist pressures exerted upon the federal bureaucracy. Prior to this change, many veterans reported being told by VA doctors that unless they ceased their illegal Medical Cannabis use immediately, they could be denied access to federally funded opioid pain management programs and possibly evicted from their housing.

With the voters of California soon to decide on Proposition 19, I wonder if the federal government is left feeling like a child that has been told no; a child that naturally throws a tantrum in RETALIATION? The federal government might as well be Big Brother waving his big stick, but is anyone listening anymore?

Approximately 81 percent of the U.S. public supports the medical use of Marijuana and nearly 47 percent believes that it should just be outright legalized. Isn’t it time for our leaders to obey the will of the people? Isn’t it time for our policies concerning Marijuana to be based upon science and reason, not racism and religious rhetoric? So like a bully on the playground, Uncle Sam doesn’t care to play fair and he certainly means business. His agenda, oh so like the bully, is one of fear and control. And if the federal government can scare us into believing the lie that Marijuana has no medical value, then it becomes even easier for them to convince us that those who consume it are a problem and a nuisance.

As advocates for social justice, we must remember to always fight for those who cannot defend themselves. As it is, the majority of the public believes that Marijuana can be an effective and safe treatment option for those who are sick, suffering and terminally ill. And yet, how many have written their legislators admonishing the federal government for its’ unconscionable actions towards the sick and suffering? How many of us have taken the time to write HUD and express our own discontent?

Make the time now and take YOUR ACTIVISM to the NEXT LEVEL!

To be active is to move and one can not affect change while resting upon one’s laurels.

So, we must rise up as a force for change, one army with many voices, leading the call to victory, one heart and one mind at a time.

Remember friends: Know the Truth… Be the Change… and


Please, write a brief message to your congress-person/senator, urging them to pass legislation that will protect those who are in clear and unambiguous compliance with state medical marijuana laws.

Connect with your fellow reform advocates, attend a town hall meeting or write your state legislator(s) asking them to support sane and rational medical cannabis policies and/or reforms.

An easy way to ensure that state Medical Cannabis patients are protected from arrest and prosecution at the federal level is to simply legalize the use of Marijuana. Despite justice department promises, patients and their caregivers are STILL being harassed, raided, and threatened with federal sanctions. If we just legalize the adult use of Cannabis, then those who choose to use Marijuana medicinally would no longer have anything left to fear. They would be legal users of a federally legal substance, which would be regulated and taxed in an open market. Problem Solved.

Also, I ask you to personally email President Barak Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, HUD AND Monarch Properties Inc., with the purpose of expressing your absolute dissent from federal policies that unfairly discriminate against the sick, suffering and terminally ill.