Why should YOU be concerned about your neighbors’ state legal use
of Medical Cannabis?

How is that ANY of your concern? The medicine ANY patient takes
is only the concern of that person and their doctor.

If conventional pain management doesn’t work and a patient finds
relief from Marijuana, your basic sense of compassion should lend
you to feel sympathy and have some understanding.

Basic empathy should tell you that no one should need be afraid of arrest and prosecution for taking their medicine.

We are talking about over 2000 people and counting.

As of last year there were only about 500 patients registered in
the system.

It stands to reason that those who need medical cannabis are, for the most part, low-income, many at or below the poverty level.

You shouldn’t dismiss the needs of the sick and suffering.

You never know when YOU may find no other relief except by taking
medical marijuana.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Have some heart.. The sick DO NOT belong in jail and neither
do responsible adults who choose to consume Cannabis for recreation.

Either way, you can not refute the fact that Cannabis is the safer option.

Pharmaceuticals KILL. Alcohol KILLS.. Tobacco KILLS.

Marijuana HEALS.

You should support a candidate that shows compassion towards the sick.

Diane Denish supports the safe, regulated, legal access to Medical Cannabis that so many people desperately need.

Our state alone has over 30,000 cancer patients.

And that’s just ONE epidemiological demographic in New Mexico.

Would you demand to have control over a patient’s pharmaceuticals?

If these people were taking highly addictive, and deadly, opiates
for pain management, wouldn’t that be worse?

Why shouldn’t people have safe access to a medicine that is all natural, EFFECTIVE, yet completely safe? All of it’s benefits are achieved without ANY risk of overdose and/or death.

Would you want to rifle through a cancer patient’s medicine cabinet?

How do you even know that one of your neighbors is a patient?

How do you know they’re not? Or perhaps a relative, maybe even your mother or father or grand parent(s) are patients?

The simple answer is, YOU DON’T KNOW!

So… Why should you care, if you will never know for certain?

You remember the old saying, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.”

In this case that’s absolutely true. Your neighbors’ use and/or non use of Cannabis is irrelevant. If they are a state legal patient, then their production is strictly monitored and all patient producers MUST certify with the state.

You can rest assured that your community, your neighborhood, IS safe.